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5 reasons merino wool will stand the test of time

5 reasons merino wool will stand the test of time

Posted by Like Cloud Designs on 29th Nov 2018

An art of the ages, knitting will always be cool. Whether it is a young child picking up their first needles in primary school, a funky 20-year-old arm weaving the snuggest scarf or a grandmother creating baby clothes, knitting will always be an art that will stand the test of time.

The best and most versatile knitted products are made out of super chunky wool, which is often referred to as arm knitting wool. Chunky yarns are stylish and a great interior design addition. Unlike the thinner wool version, chunky yarns are super soft. The best type of yarn to use to create the most stylish blankets or even snug throws.

Merino wool is a popular and versatile wool originating in Australia. Delicate and soft, the wool can come in an array of shades to match anyone’s interior style preference and personality. There are 5 key things that most people don’t realise about merino wool.

1. Resistance

Merino wool deters stains and UV damage. Merino wool naturally absorbs water or fluid, which makes it an ideal fabric to wear when exercising in the cold. It can even prevent smelly odours!

2. Stretch

Perfect for funky interior design, merino wool is not scratchy or brittle like thinner yarn, it is elastic! Merino wool products can easily and comfortably wrap a couch and, of course, a body!

3. Non-allergenic

The yarn itself is natural and premium quality, so it is non-allergenic and safe for most skin types. It works to cool or heat a body depending on the needs and climate.

4. It’s low maintenance

Although merino wool absorbs moisture quickly, it also dries fast, meaning it's easy to have dry cleaned. Unlike lower quality yarns, dampness or odours do not stay absorbed in the fabric and permanent stains are few and far between.

5. The environment loves it

As it is a 100% natural fibre, merino wool breaks down, meaning it is environmentally friendly and doesn’t leave a nasty mark on the world.

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