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5 Tips On How To Take Care of  Your Chunky Knit Merino Blankets

5 Tips On How To Take Care of Your Chunky Knit Merino Blankets

Posted by Like Cloud Designs on 24th May 2018

Hello everyone!

Chunky knit merino blankets are beautiful, no doubt, but you need to know that it requires a gentle care to keep it nice and "as new" for a long time. Let's quickly go through the main points, so you will be ready to own your first Chunky knit blanket or throw.

Merino wool has remarkable features that make it the best choice of wool to use for blankets and throws. The wool is eco-friendly, silky and hypoallergenic. You could find more about Merino wool here. Chunky knit blankets and throws are made from Chunky merino wool yarn with 40-mm knitting needles or simply with arms.

The fiber thickness of the merino wool is an essential factor that determines the quality and final price of the wool. The finest knitted materials made from merino wool of best grade. The most excellent grade, known as the extra fine merino wool, is usually between 11 and 15 microns in diameter. Medium (broad) merino wool has a thickness of between 19 to 25 microns. Anything above medium merino wool may cause irritation and itching of the skin.

Every stitch of chunky knit merino blanket has thousands of fibers that are tightly weaved to their scales by a process known as felting. Merino wool that is unprocessed is silky and soft. However, the fibers are easily detached or damaged. Knitting a blanket or a throw out of unprocessed wool will make the fibers scatter each time there is a gentle “breeze”. If you knit a blanket yourself please spend some time to study how to hand felt the chunky merino wool as it mostly comes unprocessed in large skeins. 

How to care of chunky knit merino wool blankets and throws?

*Do not use soap or washing powders

Detergents such as soap and washing powder affect heavily the felting process. You should know that once you wash your chunky knitted merino blanket, it will be used up.

*Handle it gently

While the wool felt itself in time, pilling and shading usually occur naturally with giant knit merino wool blankets. It doesn't mean there is something wrong with it. It only shows you the material is natural. More regular use means more damage to your chunky knitted blanket. To make sure your blanket or throw stays as new as possible, you will need to keep it from areas and situations where it's likely to be stained. 

You can give your blanket a nice vigorous shake so it looks nice and fresh. A deformed stitch on the blanket can also be taken care of with a gentle shake.

*Remove pilling by hands/scissors

The heavier the use of your merino blankets, the more pilling you'll experience. You will need to remove them gently by scissors, since it's not recommended to tear it off by hands or use handheld devices that shave pilling off as it will damage the fibre

*Clean immediately

Get rid of stains as soon as it happens, simply put that area of the blanket under cold water. You will then need to put that spot between two towels and squeeze gently. Air it out to dry on a surface and make sure you flip it at intervals until it dries.

*Dry clean only when necessary

Now you get familiar to what the chunky knit wool is, so it’s time to go for shopping. Be careful, you can get lost in the variety of colours and sizes. Contact us if you still have any questions,