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6 Amazing Benefits of Knitting

6 Amazing Benefits of Knitting

Posted by Like Cloud Designs on 28th Feb 2019

Aside from being a craft of creative expression and a relaxing activity to pass the time, knitting has significant emotional, physical, and mental benefits. Here are six amazing benefits of knitting. 

1. Lowers blood pressure and heart rate

After wrapping up a good knitting session, you will likely feel relaxed. Relaxation is healthy because it lowers the level of stress hormones. Remember that high levels of stress hormones in your body negatively affect the heart and the circulatory system.

2. Keeps your fingers and arms nimble

The small, precise, rapid movements required in knitting are important in keeping your muscles steady and toned, and your joints flexible. For people with arthritis, knitting is a great way to maintain mobility by keeping the fingers moving. However, remember to take frequent stretch breaks, be gentle, and don’t overdo it.

3. Helps to manage pain

Are you trying to stave off negative thoughts? Knitting can help to keep your mind engaged whether you’re trying to fall asleep or travelling. A true mindfulness exercise, knitting can help you exert more power and control over your thoughts and settle your mind. It takes up a lot of brain capacity and leaves you with less capacity to focus on physical or emotional pain that can be detrimental to your well-being.

4. Calms anxiety and boosts mood

Touching something as soft as merino wool can invoke a calming response, similar to petting a cat or a dog. Picking a colour to work with that you love can help you feel good and boost your mood too. Knitting is meditative, can soothe your mental state, and allow you a moment to pause and refocus on your goals.

5. Reduces aimless eating

You can’t reach for junk food when your hands are busy. Knitting when hanging out at home or watching TV can prevent you from eating unnecessarily. You will have a better diet when you occupy yourself with a knitting project.

6. Improves your sense of purpose

A knitting project gives you a sense of purpose knowing that you have a goal to meet. The more you get closer to it, the more inspired you feel. Even better, creating stylish handmade chunky knit merino wool blankets for friends or family members can be very fulfilling.

At Like Cloud Designs, we hand make chunky knit merino blankets and throws as well as selling giant merino wool for arm knitting. We know that the benefits of knitting cannot be underestimated. Go through the website and find the colour you like for your knitting project or buy ready made blanket in any colour and size.