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6 benefits of wool in your home

6 benefits of wool in your home

Posted by Like Cloud Designs on 28th Dec 2018

Today, fast fashion and homewares are everywhere. So many of the items we see for the home are made from cheap fabrics that wear poorly, can cause irritation and simply don't stand the test of time. However, wool is not only durable and versatile, it is also chic and fashionable. For example, handmade chunky knit merino wool blankets fill the spreads of interior design magazines, and look great in almost any home. 

So, when it comes time to styling your next room, we have put together this summary of the 6 benefits of choosing wool

It's oh, so natural

Wool is not manufactured. It is natural and grown year round by over 70 million sheep across Australia! Unlike synthetic products, wool is made by mother nature with a mix of water, air, sunshine, grass and time. Not to mention wool fibres biodegrade and decompose naturally, leaving a minimal ecological footprint.

It's smooth and comfortable

Forget about grandma's old scratchy wool blankets. These days products for the home are often made from super bulky merino wool which is soft on the skin. Sometimes wool items are a little coarser, for items such as cushions and furniture, to make them extremely durable.

It's great year round

Often people perceive that wool is hot, but in fact is has a protective fibre which reacts to changes in temperature so it is great all year round!

It's easy to maintain

Most varieties of wool are machine washable, so your wool items are easy to take care of and keep clean. An added bonus: wool is also odour and stain resistant due to the natural outer layer that repels external contaminants.

It's safe

Merino wool is fire resistant and won't melt when exposed to extreme heat. For this reason, many hotels, aeroplanes and public places choose wool to enhance safety.

It's super stylish

It's undeniable, chunky yarn is incredibly stylish. Wool offers a variety of textures, colours and weaves to fit every decor.

There are plenty of reasons to choose wool for your home. These are just a few. Next time you are thinking about your DIY projects ideas, don't forget about this wonder material.