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Adding textural elements to your interior design with chunky wool

Adding textural elements to your interior design with chunky wool

Posted by Like Cloud Designs on 29th Jan 2019

Interior design is the art of making internal spaces in a home or office both attractive and functional. Super chunky wool is an interesting textural element in any space because it adds some interesting visual texture as well as being fun to touch. Here are some ways that you can incorporate chunky wool into your interior design.

Wall hangings

Wall hangings are a great way to experiment with different colours and textures. They add a rustic touch to the home and can be a fun project to do. You can add strips from different coloured wools and even add strips of fabrics that you have used in other areas in the room.


Throws are a lovely way to add a warm and comfortable element in the home and chunky wool is a popular option for lounge throws. They are a relatively quick DIY project, even for beginner knitters, and the arm knitting style is a fun way to experiment with a different way of knitting. Of course, if you don't feel confident in knitting your own blanket, there are also some lovely professionally knitted chunky wool blankets which are of high quality.

Cushion covers

Cushions are another good way to experiment with texture, especially as they can be combined in groups that highlight different colours and textures. They can also be swapped out in order to highlight the new season's trends, without the need to make a huge investment. Super chunky knit cushion covers are a great way to experiment with a bolder texture or colour, that you might not be ready to use in a larger piece such as a couch. Chunky wool is a great option for a textural element in a room as it's attractive to touch or even lay on. You can experiment with knitting or weaving squares which can be sewn onto a plain cushion cover.

We have got a fantastic range of both Giant merino wool for DIY wool and fabric projects, as well as ready-made chunky knit merino blankets. If you are looking to add some textural elements to your interior design, you should browse our page today.