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Chunky knit craft ideas

Chunky knit craft ideas

Posted by Like Cloud Designs on 9th Nov 2018

Crafters all over the world are loving super-sized knit. If you’re considering getting started with chunky merino or giant knitting, here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Chunky knit tapestries – a fun, tactile piece of art made from your arms or oversized needles will look great and add texture and interest to those dull interior walls. Your guests won't be able to walk past the eye-catching and original piece without oohing and ahhing.

Chunky knit pet bed – your pet whether dog, cat or bunny, will go crazy for snuggling into a cozy bed of Chunky yarn that you made just for them.

Chunky knit plant basket cover – why not jazz up your drab indoor plants with a fun and gorgeous planter box wrap? A great way to add some extra flair and personality to your space.

Chunky knit beanie – everyone loves things super-sized, and a super chunky wool beanie will keep you warm and looking cute all year round. You will surely be the talk of the town with your fun, handmade and original hat.

Chunky chair pad – are you sick of boring pillows that lose their cushion after a few uses? Why not add some fun colour and texture to the room with a knitted chair pad!

Chunky knit poof – this would have to be one of our favourite ways to feature super-sized knit in your interior design. Get knitting, and cover a poof with some great texture and add some life back into those often drab, boring footrests. Your guests will be raving about it all the way home!

Chunky knit blanket – when in doubt, stick with the classics. For any style of knitting, you can’t go wrong with the old faithful rug or blanket. By creating your own giant wool rug, you’re jazzing up an old classic and making your own statement. You will also always be warm and snuggly every time you jump onto the couch or into bed.

What every your creative taste, or interior design flavour, there is so much to be done with super chunky wool. We have no doubt you will love all the creative opportunities it offers just as much as we do. Happy knitting!

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