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DIY projects are even easier with Giant Tube Yarn

DIY projects are even easier with Giant Tube Yarn

Posted by Like Cloud Designs on 13th Sep 2021

Knitting is suddenly back in vogue. 

Whether it be staying occupied during isolation in extended lockdowns or high profile athletes such as British diving legend Tom Daley knitting poolside while he waits to scoop up gold at the Tokyo Olympics ('s%20what%20British%20diving,for%20his%20Olympic%20gold%20medal.), it seems more people are knitting or learning how to knit.

Down under, Giant tube yarn is all the rage for creating home decor like weighted blankets, rugs and pillows designed to keep the interior cosy and stylish. As such, in this article, we take a look at the benefits of giant tube yarn and offer some DIY projects to keep you busy.

But first…

What is Giant tube yarn?

Tube yarn is a type of yarn that utilises a tube construction with a filler inside. This can be used to create wider knits and weaves without the need for as much material.

This type of construction doesn't have any floats in the back or front, which means that it can be woven without any knots in the back or front. It also makes it easier to weave when you change colours. Additionally, tube-style yarn is more flexible and durable than Giant merino or acrylic yarn.

Benefits of tube yarn:

• Durability

• Provides flexibility in fabric

• Enjoyable and easy to use

• Cost-effective

• Easier to change colours

Many knitters find the process of using this chunky yarn to be both enjoyable and easy, which is why it has become so popular among people who knit.

DIY Giant tube yarn projects

DIY projects can be a lot of fun to make and are a great way to use your creativity and expression. Here are a few of my favourite tube yarn DIY projects:

A giant tube yarn chunky knit blanket

The "weighted blanket", or chunky blanket, is defined as a large piece of heavy cloth designed to cover the body or act as bedding. The word "weighted" is defined as having a weight placed on it, keeping you warm during winter. Additionally, a weighted blanket can help relieve stress and anxiety by simulating deep pressure touch therapy (DPTT) ( and providing an increase in serotonin levels.

One study showed that participants who were given one hour of deep pressure touch therapy reported feeling less anxious, less sad, and improved their feelings of happiness when they were under pressure than those who received psychological counselling or no intervention at all. This can be especially helpful for those who are struggling during the lockdown.

Giant yarn is the perfect knitting fabric for this kind of project as it is the thickest and heaviest of its kind. It’s important to note that knitting a weighted blanket is a long and tedious process. However, using this technique, you can achieve the same results in half the time! It's a simple technique that makes it easier to knit around bulky objects like tubes and balls of yarn. All you have to do is tie the yarn to something heavy, then thread it through your fingers when knitting every other row.

A thick Rug

Another great DIY project for giant tube yarn is weaving together a thick winter rug. There are few ways you can go about this.

A Floor Mat

A floor mat with tube yarn is a great way to add color and texture to your floor. It is an easy craft project and can be made in just a couple of hours. Making floor mats is a fun pastime project. The amount of tube yarn you need depends on the size of the mat you are making. You can make a large mat to cover the floor in the living or smaller ones for children's play areas. Check the size guide in our product description.

I hope these simple DIY projects help keep you occupied or provide some ideas if you are new to your knitting hobby. Don't forget to check the range of colours available at

The giant tube yarn is a unique product that is mainly used for interior design purposes, including:

Pet beds
Floor mats

If you are unsure of which tube yarn is right for your DIY project, please reach out to me anytime for some professional and friendly advice.

Happy knitting!