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Like Cloud Designs is all about Natural materials and simple design

Like Cloud Designs is all about Natural materials and simple design

Posted by Like Cloud Designs on 24th May 2018

Hello and welcome to Like Cloud Designs!

One day I came across a Chunky wool yarn and decided to give it a try, because it's so beautiful and cozy, so i couldn't simply stay away from it. I started knitting with my arms and, you know, I really liked it.

Why have it only for myself? We all love Merino wool here and I want to make it for everybody. That’s where the Like Cloud Designs came from.

I started creating Chunky knit merino blankets, as well as selling Chunky Wool yarns so anyone could create their own items.

I love making something so big and cosy and Chunky wool yarn is great solution to that. The beautiful Merino wool I use is so big that the knitting itself is speedy and easy. The only time consuming part is preparing the wool what I do by hands to help bond the fibers, but it’s vital for both quality and to increase the lifespan of each product.

I believe that perfect design is simple, so all I love in chunky knits – simple beauty as it is. I love to create things that brings luxury into people homes. Chunky wool knits combining the classic art of knitting with up to date, stylish design to enhance living rooms and bedrooms space like nothing else could do.

Please do have a browse & feel free to get in touch if you have any questions,