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Merino wool products are the best year round gifts for kids!

Merino wool products are the best year round gifts for kids!

Posted by Like Cloud Designs on 21st Dec 2018

Birthdays, Christmases and the year-round need to spoil children brings with it the challenge of gifting something meaningful, useful, and safe! Merino wool products are especially perfect for newborns and young children due to the wool’s superior properties when compared to other fibres. Here are some great gift ideas that involve crafting a Merino product yourself, or purchasing Merino products that have been pre-made with love!

Merino chunky knit teddy bears/animals

A fantastic gift for a child to play with or to use for styling their room involves you trying your hand at knitting a giant and soft cuddly toy. Adorable and simplistic toy ideas include bunnies, teddies, and dogs! You can use our giant yarns and your arms or oversize needles to create an unbelievably cuddly and aesthetic toy. 

Giant knit Merino wool blankets

These gorgeous blankets are suitable for children of all ages and make a wonderful addition to their bedrooms. If you’re up for the challenge then you can try arm knitting yourself a giant blanket using our giant yarns. Merino wool’s exceptional sweat and moisture wicking capabilities ensures a more comfortable night’s sleep. Considering a giant knit Merino wool blanket for a younger child? Merino blankets are great for play time and tummy time. We'd need to use wet felted merino though for more durability. The best part is that a Merino wool blanket is naturally resistant to odours and dirt, and is gentle on sensitive skin.

Christmas stockings

As a child there is something extraordinarily special about having your own personalised Christmas stocking. As we near the time of year that signifies the pinnacle of childhood, consider knitting a super chunky Christmas stocking as an early Christmas present or to be used for the many Christmases to come! Merino wool has natural fire retardant properties which makes it more safe and suitable to hang above those fireplaces.

If you’re looking to purchase our giant yarns or an already quality crafted giant knit Merino wool blanket, then head over to our online store!