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Summer styling in your home

Summer styling in your home

Posted by Like Cloud Designs on 23rd Nov 2018

While it's heavy rain outside and it feels like winter came back to Melbourne indeed I still want to believe that summer’s just around the corner. Perhaps you’ve already made some plans for the long days and warm nights. Have you thought about doing some summer styling in your home? You can do this simply by adding accessories in this season’s it-colours and fabrics.

Which accessories?

Cushions, throws and blankets are ideal accessories for bringing summer into your home. You can place them almost anywhere for an instant burst of colour and they give off a homey vibe.


A textile that is trending at the moment in homewares is super chunky yarn, also known as giant yarn. It’s a sumptuously bulky merino wool with high-end qualities. It can be knitted up to make thickly woven cushions, puffs, blankets and tons of other stylish elements which have an immediate visual and tactile appeal.

Wool in summer?

But isn’t super chunky yarn too hot and heavy for an Australian summer? The answer is yes and no.

Merino wool is a natural fibre and has the capacity to regulate heat. While Im not suggesting that you wrap yourself in a chunky yarn throw in the height of summer. That would be madness.

What you can do, is to fold a throw or blanket and place it on a shelf or the back of a sofa. The glorious texture and colour will add immediate decorative value. And you’ll have a warm rug on hand, should there be a sudden dip in temperature. You know that happens quite often.

Summer’s it-colours

Yellow is a firm favourite for this summer. This bright, sunny hue transmits feelings of joy and cheerfulness. Get the look here with our yellow giant knit merino wool blanket.

Our blue giant yarn is totally on trend for this summer. This fresh, lively colour evokes images of the sea and bright sunny skies. Why not create a private beach in your bedroom with blue cushions and throws?

Oatmeal colours are also very much in vogue this summer. Our natural white, sand and beige are all oatmeal tones and will add softness, elegance and sophistication to any space. Use oatmeal to quieten things down or to offset bolder colours.

Lilac, Mint, Violet, Snow White and much more! You can find the full range of our giant merino yarns and handmade giant knit merino wool blankets in our online shop.

Have a great summer – especially in your home!