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Tender Loving Care: Your Handy Wool-care Guide

Tender Loving Care: Your Handy Wool-care Guide

Posted by Like Cloud Designs on 2nd Jan 2019

Wool is dry clean only, right? Wrong! This is a common myth. However, it is possible to take care of your wool items in the comfort of your own home. Even Giant yarns and super chunky merino wool items  we sell here which can easily be ruined with the wrong methods. Of course, wool should be cared for with love, which is why we have put together this handy guide for treating your wool with TLC. 


Make sure to pretreat stains and bad smells with a wool-safe cleaning product, applied directly to the problem area. If washing clothes, turn the items inside out before you wash them to avoid fading and friction.


While it is tempting to throw everything into the machine, it is important to hand wash wool in cool water. Submerge your items and gently move with your hands to evenly distribute your wool safe soap. You can soak for up to thirty minutes before rinsing with cool water. Don't wring your items as wool can easily lose its shape. Instead, gently press the water out.


Gently lie the items out flat in their natural shape and avoid direct sunlight. Wool can easily shrink when exposed to heat. Don't hang wool because it could stretch and distort.

Removing lint

Sometimes wool can gather pills and lint, but you don't want to tug at these as it can damage your items. You can carefully use a lint remover working in one direction for your clothes or gently use scissors.


When not in use make sure you store your wool items in a clean, dry place. You should fold rather than hang wool clothing to help it retain its shape. It can be a good idea to store in a cotton bag with a zip to keep out insects such as moths. Cardboard and paper attract bugs so don't store your wool with or in these materials.

It's not so hard, right? Right!

Taking good care of your wool properly will ensure a long life for these wonderful products, in your wardrobe and your home.