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Why a merino wool chunky knit blanket makes the perfect gift

Why a merino wool chunky knit blanket makes the perfect gift

Posted by Like Cloud Designs on 22nd Oct 2018

Gift giving is never easy! 

We always want our loved ones to be pleased with what we’ve chosen. If you’ve completely run out of ideas and can’t bear the thought of buying yet another pair of socks, then a chunky knit merino wool blanket could be the answer. Here are some reasons why:

1. Unique

Everyone knows them, the most difficult person to buy a present for: the person who has everything. Well, this is one gift they probably don’t already own! One-of-a-kind, handmade and high-quality chunky knit blankets aren’t always easy to come by and certainly aren’t sold by your regular high street retailer. Whoever you buy this for is likely to be impressed by the blanket’s beautiful look.

2. Thoughtful

Gifting someone a handmade present always shows you care (even if it’s not made by you!) It means you didn’t just pop into your local department store and grab something straight off the shelf. If you do want to go the extra mile, get yourself some giant merino wool yarn and try out giant knitting for yourself. We've got all you need at

3. Quality

A merino blanket is a quality item that’s worth keeping rather than donating to charity. The wool is wonderfully soft and luxurious, meaning any recipient is sure to remember you bought it for them and treasure it for years to come.

4. Anyone would love it

It can be hard to pin down people’s interests when looking for gifts. Maybe your dad loves fishing but you don’t know the first thing about rods, or your cousin mentioned comic books once but does he really want one for Christmas? The brilliant thing about chunky blankets is that they can be given to anyone. After all, who doesn’t love to keep warm on a cold evening?

5. Variety

Despite being a gift that anyone would love, you can customise a merino blanket to suit your loved one through your choice of colour. There’s a huge variety of shades to choose from, whether you have a particular hue in mind or want to go subtle to be on the safe side, there will be a blanket for you and your intended recipient.

Get gifting today!

With all these fabulous reasons to gift your friend or family member a blanket, adding one to your shopping list really is a must.