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Giant Knit Merino Wool Grey Blanket


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This chunky knit blanket made from beautiful 100% Hypoallergenic merino wool roving yarn. I hand felt all our wool before knitting to make it as durable as possible.

There are 3 sizes of blankets you can chose from:

Standard Blanket: 100cm*150cm. Great for Single bed 

Large Blanket: 130cm*170cm. Great for double bed

Premium Blanket - 150*200 cm. Would be perfect on queen size bed. 

Comfortable, stylish and luxurious, this merino wool blanket looks great in any room and will keep your space cozy those long winter nights.

Do you know what is the secret of Merino wool? It's in the finest fibre. Merino wool fibre is able to bend far more than other coarser wool fibres. It also has higher elasticity that helps prevent garments made with Merino wool from losing their shape.  

Our Chunky knit merino wool blankets are not only looking stylish and cozy, but is made from softest wool on the earth.   

Because Merino wool is made out of keratin, much like human hair, it is completely biodegradable. When it is eventually disposed of, it will breakdown, decomposing to release vital nutrients back into the soil, acting like a fertiliser. So use Merino wool and be Eco friendly :)

Care instructions:

100% Merino wool requires a good care!

Please remember that Chunky knit merino wool blanket is intended as decorative designer product for gentle use, hand made from un-spun wool yarn that has been hand-processed to make it as durable as possible.  Merino wool is natural material and shedding and piling is normal for it. While you can find your blanket or throw has more pilling/shedding at the start, wool tend to felt itself, so give it a bit of time, be gentle with it and it will pay off becoming your best friend at home. The good thing, any pilling can easily be removed and is not a defect. Please use scissors and gently cut the piles. Some of you get used to remove piles from woollen products with your fingers, but please try not tease it with your hands, it will help to keep the fibre structure and prevent from further pilling, so your item will last longer. 

Spot clean any spills under cold water. 

Dry clean only when necessary. 

Hand wash in cold water only.

Do not wring your item. Instead, gently press the water out. Dry out flat only and avoid direct sunlight.

Hand wash or Machine wash would make the wool felted. It will be much more durable but not so soft to touch anymore. I don't recommend to do it for more than once. Wool tend to shrink after washing. 

Here you find the chunky wool felting process explained. 

Merino wool is naturally resist water and odour so there shouldn't be any problems while using this items.

Hope you will enjoy using your chunky knit blanket and it will last long!