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Giant Merino Wool Yarn Pastel Pink


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Gorgeously soft unspun 100% Jumbo Merino Wool Yarn.

It is perfect for all sorts of chunky knitting projects.

It will come to you in a big ball, could be 1kg, 2kg,3kg,4kg and 5kg balls.

Merino wool is great to work with, it dyes really well so is available in a huge range bright of colours. Comfortable, stylish and luxurious, Chunky merino woollen items look great in any room and will keep your space cozy and modern. 

Merino wool fiber is able to bend far more than other coarser wool fibers. It also has higher elasticity that helps prevent garments made with Merino wool from losing their shape.  

Because Merino wool is made out of keratin, much like human hair, it is completely biodegradable and hypoallergenic. 

I know you are very excited to start knitting straight after you get your skein, but please take your time to hand process it / prepare for knitting. Unprocessed wool is very fragile and need to be hand felted. There are few options for felting like hand felting and a bit more time consuming wet felting. You can Contact me if you can't find information about felting process. Once you go through this it will be ready for start and will last much longer. You can find more about Chunky wool here .

Below i will give you an examples of how much wool you would need for your blanket.

As a number of factors can effect the size of a finished piece of knitting please note that all the following calculations are approximate and are only intended as a guide. 

1kg of this wool will knit up to around 0.5 square metres therefore - 

1kg = approx 50cm x 50cm blanket 

2kg = approx 100cm x 100cm blanket

3kg = approx 150cm x 100cm blanket 

4kg = approx 150cm x 130cm blanket 

5kg = approx 160cm x 155cm blanket 

6kg = approx 150cm x 200cm blanket

Things to remember:

Please remember that Merino wool is natural material and shedding and piling is normal for it. While you can find your blanket or throw has more pilling/shedding at the start, wool tend to felt itself, so give it a bit of time, be gentle with it and it will pay off becoming your best friend at home

I try to keep the wool in one big ball but occasionally it sometimes arrives split so may not be a continuous length. If this is the case you can either tie them together at the end of a row or if you're midway through a row simply pull away some of the wool at each end to thin it then lay them over one another and rub them together a little so they bond then continue with caution until you've knit them both. 


Whatever you can see available in stock will be dispatched to you within 5 days.

If you want to buy that exact colour that is not in stock please contact us and we organise the order for you. Any pre-ordered items should be available for dispatch within 4 weeks from ordering. 

I really hope shopping in my store will be your best experience and you come back again! And don't be afraid to experiment with colours and patterns. What's great about wool is that you can re-knit your project as many times as you wish, wool only gets stronger.